Door 2 Door School Shuttle Transportation Rules and Expectations

1. Students must follow the driver's instructions primary concerning the students safety. 

2. Students should exercise good manners, caution and consideration for other people, Show respect for the driver, the van, other students, and other adults. 

3. Students must stay in their seats at all times and remain seated. 

4. Be courteous to others and no profane language. 

5. Observe same conduct as in the classroom. 

6. Keep head, hands and feet inside the van. 

7. Any personal belongings left inside of the van is at the risk of the student and the driver nor door 2 door school shuttle is responsible for lost or stolen belongings. 

8. If items are left they will be held tell the following school day if retrieved. Door 2 Door School Shuttle will not be responsible for making trips to return left items. 

9. No throwing objects of any kind including spitting on the van. 

10. Trash should not be left on the van. 

11. No eating on the van. 

12. No Bullies allowed! 

13. Positive energy is enforced on the van. 

14. Use an inside voice. 

15. All transportation agreements are based on a 10 month contract and require a 30 day notice before a change can be made by either party. 

16. Have respect for others. 

17. Create a positive vision so all can have a positive experience.

18. Any amendments must be provided in writting and signed by all parties.